Headshot of Glen McCann

Hello! I'm Glen McCann

Web Developer

I am a Toronto-based web developer with a background in live audio and a passion for creative troubleshooting. As a recent HackerYou graduate, I'm excited to have found a creative and fulfilling field in coding and can't wait for my next opportunity! When I'm not coding, you can find me hanging out with my cat Cecil or playing a board game or video game with some pals.











PSD Conversion

HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass

A fully responsive, multi-page PSD conversion.

Preview image of a beach-themed travel site.
Preview image of a round-robin tournament site.

Tournament App

HTML5 / CSS3 / Sass / JavaScript / jQuery

A tool to keep track of a round-robin tournament, whether that be a family games night or a more competitive setting. Fill in your friends' names and find a champion among you!

Your Story

HTML5 / CSS3 / React / Firebase

A community-driven story that anyone can add to a few lines at a time.

Preview image of a story site built on community contributions.
Preview image of a story site built on community contributions.

To Doom List

HTML5 / CSS3 / React / Firebase

An interactive doomsday planner. Choose a bunker and leave notes for your friends as you prep for the coming apocalypse. Made in collaboration with Ahuoiza Baiye, Alexander Shin, and Zoe Connolly

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